Ending 2018 and Beginning 2019!


At the end of 2018 I set a goal of starting this blog in January of 2019. Well here is the first go at it.

To really end 2018, we have to go back to the spring.

I have wanted to start my own shop for very long time. Family, jobs have always been first. Life sticks it head in anytime it wants to whether I want it to or not!

For physical health reasons, that where effecting my mental health I retired 2 years earlier than I had planned.

Thus the urgency to open a shop online became a reality. I needed extra income.

I have been buying fleeces, roving and yarns for several years building up my stash for retirement. Even though my stash is very nice, I am always on the look out for more gems!.

I found a Facebook group, that offered not so nice fleeces for a very good price. Well, since I love processing raw wool and love a challenge. I  bought one from a ranch here in Montana.

This fleece was just as described: dirty, had vm(vegetable matter). BUT oh how beautiful it turn out.

I then found the ranch( MTCrossFarms) on Etsy and started buying virgin lamb fleeces once a month from them.

The ranch, it's owner and I became friends on Facebook after a month or so. The ranch posted about a free workshop on starting your craft business. Well it was free, so why the heck not, right?

That workshop was just the thing I needed to get my butt moving!  I followed the instructions carefully and started towards the goal of opening my shop. I am not very tech savoy, so it took me longer to figure things out.  All summer in fact! But I kept plugging along.

In August I got invited to a hobby to business challenge from Amika, whom I had taken the first class from.  I had learned so much from that 1st class and loved that she taught so anyone could follow along, I had to join!

Boy oh boy, did I learn a lot and was so overwhelmed I almost gave up. BUT, with her help and encouragement and that of my accountability buddy I made it through and opened my shop!

After a couple of months and no sales I almost through in the towel!

I then decided to start a Facebook page and post a item or two. Hoping with the holiday season coming up, sales would come in.Thanks to family and friends sharing those post the sales did come in.

I also did a Christmas craft fair that I had not done it in 3 years.

I did take another class and workshop with Amika and continue to learn new things about online business each time.

I consider 2018 a banner year for Fibers and Moore! 

Looking forward to more learning and bring able to service you in 2019.

Looking forward to Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Easter, Spring, Mother's and Father's Day items coming to the shop soon!

Until next time

Be Safe and Enjoy the Little Things in Life!!